2016 Annual EEO Public File Report

Licensee: McKenzie River Broadcasting Company, Inc (“MRB”)
Period Covered: October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016
Stations in Employment Unit:
KKNU (FM), Springfield-Eugene Oregon (FIN 40887)
KMGE (FM),  Eugene, Oregon                    (FIN 40885)
KEUG  (FM),  Veneta, Oregon                    (FIN 60358)
KEQB  (FM),  Coburg, Oregon                    (FIN 63205)

Total Number of persons interviewed: 23

Full Time Positions Filled
Job Title Recruitment Source      of  Hiree Total Number of                                                               Interviewees
1. SALES PERSON Outreach by Other
MRB Employees
2. ON AIR TALENT MRB Management Outreach to Broadcasting Industry 8
3. RECEPTIONIST MRB Own Stations, On Air Announcements 10
4. RECEPTIONIST Staff Referrals/Outreach By Other MRB Employees 1
Recruitment Sources*
Recruitment Sources* Total Number of Interviewees Full-time Positions for Which Source Utilized
1. MRB Management
Outreach, Direct
1 1
2. MRB Outreach to National Rep Firm 0 1
3. Raquel Hecht, Immigration Lawyer 0 3
4. Outreach by Other MRB Employees/Staff Referrals 4 4
5. Ruben Garcia, Environmental Controls 2 1
McKenzie River Broadcasting   2016  Annual EEO  Public File Report     Pg. 2
Recruitment Sources* Total Number of Interviewees Full-time Positions for Which Source Utilized
6. MRB Management Outreach to Broadcasting Industry 3 1
7. El Charro Mexican Restaurant 0 1
8. AllAccess.com, Industry Website 0 1
9. Latino Public Radio 4 1
10. United Farm Workers Radio Network 0 1
11. MRB’s Own Stations On Air Announcements 4 2
12. MRB Stations’ Websites 0 2
13. Eugene Register Guard 2 2
14. Craigslist 1 1
15. KEQB Advertising Prospect 1 1
16. Lane Community College Job Fair 1 1
Total 23

File Full Time Positions 2015-2016
* There were no “organizations entitled to notification”.
The first internship took place in October 2015. The intern was a college junior. The internship was structured to provide the intern with relevant information in all areas of MRB’s broadcasting operations,
McKenzie River Broadcasting   2016  Annual EEO  Public File Report     Pg. 3
Internships (Continued)
including sales, programming, and commercial production. MRB personnel who participated were Bill Barrett, Tim Fox and Tracy Berry (KKNU Morning Show personalities), Steve King (Program Director KMGE & KEUG), Melissa Harrison (Traffic), Brenda Buck (Accounts Receivables), Danielle Uhlhorn (Account Executive), Liz Kelly and Mary Reilly (KMGE Morning Show personalities), Bruce Soderholm  (Production Manager),  Steve Brown (KKNU Midday personality, Erin Weigandt (Promotions Director), Michelle Tsalapinas (Office Manager), Dave Wiles (Sales Manager) and John Tilson (President)
The second internship, with the same college student, took place from January 5th, 2016 to June 10th, 2016. Through this internship she earned 8 credits (CPSY 404) toward her degree at the University of Oregon by working 12 hours per week with Account Executive Danielle Uhlhorn at McKenzie River Broadcasting.  The internship was intended to provide a deeper understanding of the Radio industry and media planning.  Her responsibilities during this internship included: writing emails, creating excel spreadsheets, participating in meetings with clients, creating media proposals and marketing/promotional packages using Microsoft and/or Nielsen Tapscan media software.

MRB management participated actively in the award of six Eugene Area Stations (“EARS”) Scholarships
awarded in August 2016. The scholarship program is designed to assist students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting. These scholarships totaling $10,000 were awarded to three college bound high school recent graduates and three students already in college.

MRB’s involvement included a leadership role by MRB President John Tilson in successfully advocating for, planning for, and implementing these scholarships. Mr. Tilson was the EARS Treasurer during the entire 2015/2016 EEO reporting year and was a member of the five person scholarship committee which reviewed applications. EARS sells announcements at steep discounts to non-profit organizations pursuant to its Non Commercial Sustaining Announcements (“NCSA”) Program. Cash received by EARS from this source enabled the financing of the Scholarship Program. The Unit stations, along with other EARS members, ran schedules in support of this program.

Job Fairs

MRB Management attended the following Job Fairs:

Lane Community College Job Fair  April 21, 2016
Attended by MRB Sales Manager Dave Wiles.