Contest Rules

Rules for the New Country 93.3 – Valley River Center $93,000 Dash For Cash Contest.


The prize:                   Up to $93,000, to be grabbed up in cash in 93 seconds.


Run dates:                  Contest entry opportunities will run from September 11, 2017 through October 20, 2017.  The prize drawing will be held on October 28, 2017.


How to qualify:          Listeners must listen to New Country 93.3 (KKNU) every weekday morning at 7:20 am for the announcement of the title and artist of the New Country 93.3 – Valley River Center Song of the Day. The Song of  the Day will be played two times a day between 7:20 am and 6:00 pm. When the Song of the Day is played in its entirety, the 9th caller to KKNU at 541-683-9393 after the Song of the Day will win $100 plus two, three-day General Admission tickets to the 2018 Oregon Jamboree, (Jamboree tickets will be available at 2018 Will Call), and be qualified for a random drawing for a chance to win 93 seconds to gather up to $93,000 in cash. There will be a maximum total of 60 qualifiers. The drawing will take place at approximately 11:30 am, Saturday, October 28, 2017 at Valley River Center. An entrant can only qualify once, and only one member of a household may qualify for the drawing.


The Prize Drawing: The drawing will be Saturday, October 28, 2017 at

                                    approximately 11:30a at Valley River Center adjacent to the

                                    child play area. All qualifiers will be required to be present

and signed-in at the drawing by 11:00 am. As part of signing-in, each qualifier will be assigned a unique number, and given a ping-pong ball with the same number on it.  Each qualifier will place his/her numbered ping-pong ball in a tumbler drum. At approximately 11:30 am, the tumbler drum will be turned for about 30 seconds. Once the tumbler drum comes to a stop, a representative of Valley River Center, who will not be a qualifier and will have no employment or ownership connection with KKNU or McKenzie River Broadcasting, Inc., will draw one ping-pong ball at random from the tumbler drum. The qualifier assigned the number corresponding to the number of the selected ping-pong ball will be declared the drawing winner and will have the opportunity to, within 93 seconds, to gather up as much as $93,000 in cash inside the child play area.


The Dash For Cash: After the drawing winner has been determined, been informed

                                    of all the rules and has indicated that he/she is ready, the

                                    official starter will blow a whistle, and an electronic timer will

start counting down 93 seconds.  The drawing winner may enter the Valley River Center child play area immediately and begin gathering New Country Cash, (which will be in unequal dollar denominations of one’s, five’s, ten’s, twenty’s, fifty’s, and hundred’s), that will be spread all over the child play area. The drawing winner may not receive any assistance from any other person(s) or device(s) as part of gathering the cash. The drawing winner will not be allowed to wear any unusual, or altered, clothing or use any substance, including but not limited to sticky substances, to assist in gathering the cash. The drawing winner may not have any other person(s) act as a substitute(s) to gather the cash or otherwise participate in The Dash For Cash contest for any reason. When the electronic timer counts down to 0:00, the official timer will blow the whistle signaling that time is up, at which time the drawing

winner must exit the child play area immediately with all of the cash that the drawing winner has gathered and deposit all cash gathered with the official counters. After the cash gathered by the drawing winner has been counted, and the amount verified to the reasonable satisfaction of the drawing winner, the drawing winner will be awarded a check in the amount of the cash collected. The drawing winner will be responsible for any and all taxes resulting from participating in the Dash for Cash, and in addition, the drawing winner must, if asked, sign appropriate documentation showing receipt of the cash he/she collected, possibly including but not limited to a Form 1099-G.


Eligibility:                   The contest is open to all legal residents of Oregon, (proof of residency such as a valid Oregon driver’s license, United States Passport, Oregon State ID card will be required).  All contestants must be 18 years of age, or older, and may not be employed by, or have any immediate family members employed by McKenzie River Broadcasting, Inc., Valley River Center,

or their agents, or have any ownership interest in McKenzie River Broadcasting, Inc. or Valley River Center, or be an immediate family member of any person(s) with any ownership interest in McKenzie River Broadcasting, Inc. or Valley River Center.  No KKNU contest rules will apply to the Dash for Cash contest except those recited here, and if other KKNU contest rules potentially are applicable, such rules are suspended for the duration of the Dash for Cash contest.


Valley River Center has paid consideration for its participation in the Dash for Cash contest and, in addition, it is receiving promotional consideration or value for its participation.


General Rules:

New Country 93.3 is very proud you’ve chosen us as your official station for today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites, but in the interest of fairness, here are the rules that apply to all contests run on New Country 93.3.

  • Only one winner per household per 30 days unless otherwise stated
  • All prizes must be picked up within 30 day of winning
  • Employees of New Country 93.3, Mckenzie River Broadcasting, Inc., and any and all contest sponsors, their agents, and any and all family members are not eligible to win
  • Winners are responsible for any and all taxes
  • Certain prizes are non-transferable
  • All calls made to New Country’s request line of 541-484-9494 are taped for possible playback on the air. If you do not want your call broadcasted, please let us know during the call.

Thanks for listening to New County 93.3 FM, your station for today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites!