$93,000 Dash for Cash!

New Country 93.3 is giving you a chance to win up to $93,000 with the New Country 93.3  Dash For Cash at Valley River Center! Every weekday morning at 7:20 Barrett, Fox & Berry will announce the title and artist of the New Country 93.3 Song of the Day and the 2 hours it will play in before 6pm. When you hear it, be the 9th caller to 541-683-9393 to instantly win $100 AND, you’ll be in the drawing for a chance to win 93 seconds to grab as much New Country Currency as you can – UP TO $93,000! (It’s not real money but we’ll exchange it for the real thing.) For more details and rules, just click on the contest rules tab above. You could win up to $93,000 with the New Country 93.3 $93,000 Dash For Cash!